Norwegian Cruise Line

Project Type

Mobile Advertising



Hotspot, swipe gallery, and drag & drop interactive ad concepts designed in Adobe Photoshop.

Three sets of RFP mocks highlighting destinations and ship features/amenities.

In the first example, banner expands to rich media unit with interactive image, allowing clickable hotspots. This allows users to explore the amenities, highlight the benefits, and showcase the value it provides. Open hotspots include video and 360 degree spin.

Example two is catered toward those in market for a cruise and highlights the “Take 6” offer. The banner expands to rich media unit with a swipe gallery showcasing a different panel for each offer with additional information and a call-to-action.

For affluent travelers, example three showcases luxury destinations. This banner expands to a rich media unit with a brief instruction overlay to guide user on interaction. User can drag the ship icon to any of the tiles which brings them to the corresponding itinerary. Skip link clicks out to website.