Project Type

Mobile Advertising



Drag & Drop animated and automatic swipe gallery interactive ad concepts designed in Adobe Photoshop.

RFP mocks highlighting clean ingredients and bold flavor. SkinnyPop was trying hard to overcome the assumption that all healthy snacks are bland. To showcase that their vast number of flavors are both good for you AND delicious, we came up with 4 unique creative concepts tailored to audiences looking for tasty, bold flavors and health-conscious ingredients.

The first example shown here is an interactive drag & drop unit which shows it is possible to achieve great taste with only a few high-quality ingredients. Once user drags ingredients to the SkinnyPop bag, a fun animation would trigger to reveal a call-to-action panel.

The second unit is an automatic swipe gallery which caters to moms-on-the-go. The background image would auto-rotate showing different locations a SkinnyPop customer may snack to highlight the convenience of taking Mini Cakes anywhere and everywhere.