Creative lead for location data website redesign



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Web Design



PlaceIQ's website needed to be re-worked from the ground up in order to reflect their professionalism, expertise, and the quality that their clients expect. The existing website did not epitomize the modern ideation of the PlaceIQ brand, live up to the standard as the most accessible marketing touchpoint, or stand up to their competitors' high-quality web presence.

This called for an overhaul from both visual and content perspectives. I worked directly with Marketing, and we received additional input, feedback, and critique from Sales, Product, and Executive Leadership to ensure consistency in messaging and mission.


I began this process by conducting a competitor analysis to evaluate what was working well on their sites. Asking questions like: How effective is their messaging? Is their branding successful and well established throughout? What meta descriptions and keywords are they using?

From this information, we uncovered how to better address our own shortcomings to better position ourselves in the market.

Design needs

Next, we outlined what design elements needed to be re-worked and/or added:

  • Create stronger heroes throughout to highlight messaging and use more contextualized imagery
  • Add more white space and cleaner content flow
  • Apply consistent use of typography with greater hierarchy of content
  • Stylize embedded Hubspot forms with custom CSS to match the PlaceIQ aesthetic
  • Update visuals including new modern and customized iconography, custom motifs and patterns, custom illustrations to visualize complex technology, and updated duotone photography treatment
  • Consider mobile when designing page layouts
  • Incorporate rounded corners throughout as a play off the PlaceIQ logo

Content needs

We then defined content requirements:

  • Simplify and restructure the navigation
  • Add necessary tracking pixels and integration scripts and plugins (Google Analytics, Facebook, LeadLander, Hubspot)
  • Incorporate relevant CTA's and embedded Hubspot lead capture forms throughout the site
  • Use expandable forms via Hubspot's dependent fields feature for less intrusive forms
  • Improve the content journey via related posts, categories, and gated webinars
  • Organize insights and resources into a filterable library
  • Update product pages to better reflect PlaceIQ's suite of offerings
  • Create web versions of case studies for improved sales enablement
  • Rework footer to incorporate social media, contact information, sensible linking, privacy partners, and copyright information

SEO needs

Lastly, we created a plan for improving PlaceIQ's overall SEO:

  • Refine page titles & heading tag utilization
  • Update meta descriptions with better keyword usage
  • Optimize page loads & site performance via page caching, image compression, lazy load, and minified CSS/JavaScript
  • Input alt text for images
  • Add sitemap
  • Fix mobile tap target issues
  • Reduce page layout shifts


After wireframing and design were complete, I built and tested all pages of this mobile responsive website using WordPress. These updates and implementations not only made a big impact on PlaceIQ's web presence from a visual standpoint, but functionally as well.

Within the first year (Q1 2020-Q1 2021), we saw a 22.96% increase in new users, a 23.55% increase in existing users, and a 22.96% increase in traffic sessions. PlaceIQ's SEO score went from a 59/100 to a 91/100 (via and the Hubspot website grade increased from 60/100 to 87/100.